Sunday, June 26, 2011

Building Our Home

Steve and I have been looking for  months for a new home. Our house we live in now, I bought before I meet Steve and before I knew how much junk stuff that two people can acquire. Needless to say, we are vastly running out of room to build a family in. We don't have a single wedding present here, besides the spice rack and toaster, because we simply don't have room! Luckily his parents have been more than generous in sharing their basement as our storage closet.

On the search for a new home, Steve and I have hit some big walls. Either we like the house, but not the neighborhood, or vise versa. Some houses have great outsides, but terrible insides. Some have great masters, but tiny other bedrooms. There is just too many combinations out there that were not meeting our exceptions. The reality is that neither Steve and I are the remodeling type. I like things that way I want them the first time. We can paint and changes fixtures, but when we comes to ripping up cabinets and knocking down walls, it just ain't gonna happen. lol 

In conclusion, we have decided to build!! I love the neighborhood off Man O' War, Glasford!! The houses there have such character and the neighborhood is really quiet. Eventually it is suppose to connect to Waterford, but I am hoping that since Waterford is so close, that the traffic won't be too bad. We picked a lot in the very back so that our backyard is the tree line, and I wouldn't ever have creepy neighbors peaking in my backyard. =) We are out the way from the main traffic and the cut-through traffic to Waterford, so we are hoping for the best!

How our lot currently looks, Soon to be our new home!

Now that we have picked out our floor plan we have to pick out all the design features. Our meeting is on Tuesday and I am a little nervous. Steve and I are trying to keep our "up-grades" under control. But somethings are just going to be a MUST!! After Tuesday we will know a lot more about what our house will look like. I have spent the last 2 weeks looking at very model home in Lexington taking pictures to get ideas for our perfect home! Steve and I are hoping we can stay in this house for a long time and build our family. (Even though having kids is still a scary subject for me). Steve's parents were able to pay their house off in the time owning it and I think that is a very high goal Steve and I would like to strive for. So although our house may seem big the future it will be well worth it!

The floor plan we choose in the McCormick from Ball Homes. We are so looking forward to designing and watching our house being built. So far everyone I talk to says if you can stay marry while building a house then it can withstand anything! All I have to say is BRING IT ON!!

Picture of our Model home. Our hopefully will have stone in the middle sections and a different brick color. But you get the idea.

Stay tuned for more details!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yard Work

If you know me well, you know...I HATE yard work!! It's just not in me. I hate being hot and sweaty, I hate getting my hands all dirty, I hate trying to figure out where plants should go, and the difference between a weed, a plant, and grass can all get very confusing lol. And I especially hate the blisters that reside on my hands for days after doing yard work. I won't mention the back pain from GAINT bags of Miracle Grow and mulch. However, over the last 3 days my newly handy husband has removed our old rotten fence that was 16 years old and replaced it with a new beauitful fence and gate that will now hopefully keep Tallulah in the back yard. He has sweated, got multiple blisters, got his hands really dirty, broke two hammers, and pleased his very happy wife!  
Right Side

Left Side


Since Steve did such a good job with the fence without complaining...I decided it was my turn to make the yard pretty. At the end of 2010, we dug up all the landscaping in the front yard because it was killed by Trugreen.. (Don't use them)! So I had a blank canvas to work with. Knowing that yard work isn't my thing I had to buy plants that are hardy and don't need much tending too. I also wanted to change our mulch to black from tan because I think it looks better. I went to Lowe's and even to a nursey to gather all my supplies. I decided to go with Hastas and Knock Out Roses. Last year, I but a bunch of flowers out and they all died, so I went simple this time. After several hours, an aching back, dirty hands (I mean gloves), the yard looks pretty good!

The pictures were taking in the dark, so they are a little hard to see.

Proof of my hard work...These were new today

New favorites
I am so proud that I got it all done! However, I don't even want to think about the back yard. That will be for another day...

Enjoy getting your hands drity...or your gloves =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The New Mrs. Heet

Last week so fun for me! We finally received our marriage license after a little misplacement. So I got to go to the Social Security Office to change my name. I have been thinking long and hard about what my "new" name should be. I don't know many people who have kept there madian name, but I was having a hard time getting rid of it completely. My parents had 2 girls and my uncle had 3 girls, so there are no men to carry on the "Flora" name. Ryan, my sister, and I have talked about using it as a middle name for a child, but its not the same as your last name. After several days of going back and forth, I decided to make my "new" name "Whitney Flora Heet!" Once you have had a name for 26 years, its hard to just let go. This way I get both names.

After a couple days, I went to the DMV and got my new license as well. I always hate getting a new license because normally the pictures are terrible. But that day I guess God was on my side and it actually turned out to be a really good picture. Unfortanely we will be moving soon and I have will have to get a new one again, but at least it will be good for a while!

Saturday, Steve and I had made plans for a lunch date and a movie. For some reason, we were earlier getting ready (which never happens), so I asked Steve if we could go to the bank to switch my name over again. To most people this probably sounds like a HUGE hassel, but I am loving every minute of it! It means that Steve and I are finally husband and wife and I am so proud of that. After the bank, Steve and I went to see our first movie, officially as Mr and Mrs Heet. LOL I know this probably gets old at some point, but I am having a blast enjoying it right now. We saw Hangover 2, which by the way is hilirous. I still can't decide if it is better than the first one. (I mean it doesn't get much better than Vegas weddings, baby Carlos, crazy chinese man, and sunburnt bodies.) But it was still good for lots of laughs!

We went and ate lunch at Saul Good after the movie. I LOVE that restuarant! Steve always gets his staple meal: Chicken and Waffles. I, however, like to try new things everytime. I had the veggie pizza this time. It was pretty good. My favorite meal though so far is still the Strawberry Salad!! I think its the dressing that gets me everytime. If you haven't been you should defeinitely give it a try!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Honeymoon of Paradise

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by far exceeded all of our expectations!
We left Sunday morning at 5:40am from our hotel to head to the airport to begin our honeymoon! We were so excited to be on the beach, either one of us cared that it was soo early. We arrived to Punta Cana around 3pm in the pouring down rain. (In case you don't know, the airport in Punta Cana is all outdoors!) That meant we had to walk about 200 yards in the pouring down rain. The airport staff brought us umbrellas, however this rain was not going to be defeated. We were soaking wet! However, our luggage was there and we were in a taxi headed to the resort in no time. When we arrived at the Excellence Resort, they greeted us with champagne and an itinerary for the rest of the day. Once we got to our room, the resort had a "Honeymooners" banner on our door with Champagne and fruit basket in the room. All I wanted to do was eat!! After finding our room and dried off, we decided to try the Mexican restaurant. The resort had 8 restaurants and 10 bars, so it was a tough decision.

Champagne Greeting
Our Room

Every night at the resort, they had a show after dinner. We got to see several talents people. There was a Burlesque show, Michael Jackson Tribute, Circus and Acrobats, Game shows, and a Jazz/Blues singer. There were also activities all during the day at the beach, by the pool, and in the sports complex. We stayed on the beach most days. Steve played Beach Volleyball with some people we meet and I took dance lessons (while enjoying the sun bathing of course). The people there were all soo nice. They remembered our names and did a great job of customer service. We ended up finding a few favorites. We ate breakfast at The Lobster House every morning around 10:30. (Steve would sleep in, while I read on the baloney). It was an outdoor restaurant that was like a huge tiki hut. The beach was only a few yards away from our table. Our favorite dinner spot was The Grill. They had some of the best steak I have eaten. Not to mention their red skin mashed potatoes. =) For being on own honeymoon the resort step up a special dinner for us. We had rose petals on the table, a personalized menu with our names, and special food selections to choose from. We felt like royalty for a night.
Lovin the Sun
Breakfast Spot

Romantic Dinner with
Mr. and Mrs. Heet menus
Steve and I were lucky enough to enjoy two different excursions while in Punta Cana. First we went Zip Lining through the jungle. The bus picked us up at the hotel and drove us about 45 minutes into the jungle. The drive there was definitely an adventure. We were in an open bus and drove on roads that were more like dirt paths barely big enough. Several people had to duck from the trees above. We had no idea that when they told us to "Buckle Up" it meant Hold on for Dear Life!! However, once we got there it was so worth the ride! There were 15 different lines that we got to zip through. The mountains were so beautiful from away up there. We were is awe of God's work! We also got to swim with the dolphins!! This was the only excursion I knew I wanted to do better we left for our honeymoon. I was so looking forward to interacting with these wonderful creatures. The dolphin we swam with was named Dali. He was such a pretty animal. Steve and I learned the signs for the dolphin to kiss us, dance, jump over our heads, swim holding on to their dorsal fin, and swim holding on to their pectoral fins. If you have never swam with dolphins before, I highly recommend it! Knowing you are communicating with wild animals is amazing. The dolphins were kept in blocked off area in the natural ocean. This allows them to have the natural habitat they desire.

Amazing Ride
Steve is cruising

Ready to go Zip Lining!

Dorsal Swimming

Pectoral Swimming

Steve and I definitely did not want to come home after our amazing honeymoon! We decided we could definitely live at the beach forever. We finished the week with breakfast in bed. It was so nice to be waited on for a whole week. Resort life is the way to go. The best part about the whole thing was that the resort was all inclusive so we didn't have worry about spending all week. I am trying to convince Steve to join the Excellence Club. Our resort has several Caribbean locations, plus they have a private area for Excellence members where there are beds 20 yards from ocean with private canopies. Maybe next time....a girl can dream right?!?! =) I am so happy to be Mrs. Heet!

This is the wreath that was on our front door when we got home. Homemade by Grandma!

May the Bliss Continue....!!

Wedding Bliss =)

The wedding day was such a success!! I can't believe that there wasn't a major disaster or something that just didn't go our way, but by the grace of God (who knows I don't handle stress well), our wedding day was perfect!! The weather could not have been more beautiful! The sunny was shinning down with beams of light from heaven.
That morning all the girls started off at the Insignia Salon, where Chris Johns did our hair (Thanks Kelly for the recommendations!) . As most of you know I changed my min about my hair several times, but the wedding day I decided to go classic. All the bridesmaids had purple feathers to go in their hair. Even with all different hair styles, the feathers looked fantastic! After hair we went to the church to quickly get ready.

Steve and I had saw each other before the wedding so we could get all the pictures done. The "first look" is the best idea.....Steve and I were able to have a private time to just be with each other before all the business started. The bridal party then went out to take pictures, we visited Victorian Square, the Courthouse, and Thoroughbred Park. We had such a fun time laughing, telling stories, and just enjoying each other!! Steve's dad, Joe was definitely our comedian of the group. He got a little distracted during the photo shoot. =)
Back at the church we took some family pictures and had some relaxing down time before the ceremony, (which at this point was much needed). I got to spend time with the ladies, while Steve got to hang out with the guys. One of the classic moments came at this time, when Nash decides to take a poop in his diaper right before he is suppose to walk down the aisle. I do believe this is the only reason he actually walked down and didn't run. I knew I was going to have to lighten the mood somehow when my dad and I were walking down the aisle, so with perfect timing I told him Nash just pooped in his diaper! It made for a little laughter among my dad's tears.

Seeing Steve standing at the end of the aisle, is a moment I will never forget. He is the man that God sent to complete my life. Steve knows just how to spoil me and keep me in line all at the same time. He is a great protector, provider, and best friend! There was a line in our vows that said, "I will not settle for anything other than God’s best for us" and I know he will do exactly that! We exited the church with a rose petal toss and a rode away in a shiny white Bentley! (Thanks Mom)

The reception was a blast!! I told Steve, I can't believe all these people are here to celebrate us! Its a pretty overwhelming and amazing experience. The food was wonderful, and I was starving. I have to be a HUGE thank you to the Embassy Suites and Amy Stamper, because they did everything just right! Also a HUGE thank you to John Wilson, with Complete Music!! By far the best DJ and crowd entertainer I know and I have been to my fair share of weddings.
P.S. Honeymoon to come next!

Friday, April 29, 2011

I Can Hear the Wedding Bells

The To-Do List is complete and all the friends are arriving to Lexington!! I am so excited to finally be wedding Steve. We have looked forward to this day for soo long. Our wedding day will one year exactly from when Steve proposed. We decided to pick April 30th as our wedding date due to a lot of factors, (cousins graduations, finals, keeneland, etc), however I think Steve had it planned the whole time. We started dating October 30th, 2008; got engaged April 30th, 2010, and will be married April 30th, 2011. He always says he only had to remember one date this way. "The 30th" will always be our "important" date.

Steve and I feel so blessed to have all the friends and family in our lives that we do. This wedding definitely wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help. Our friends have thrown showers, helped with details, made phone calls, and have always been there for my many indecisive moments. I have learned that sometimes you just need someone else to make the dicision. I have used that line a lot lately. I can remember at the beginning of all the wedding planning, I wanted to my opinion in every detail of the wedding. I did a lot of the researching myself. I had some ideas that not everyone in my family agreed on. But by the end of the day, we found a compromise we all loved!!

FYI....I am so in love with my dress. I can't wait to share the many pictures from the wedding day!

The reherseal is tomorrow night (techniquely tonight since its past midnight). We finally get to gather with all our friends to celebrate what Steve and I have felt along. Steve's mom has put in soo many hours to help make this wedding so special for Steve and I. I feel so blessed to have her as my mother-in-law. From the beginning she has been actively helping me with any and many details of the wedding. Thanks to her we have beautiful invitations!! Add Welcome Bags. I will post those later.

I also have to thank my mom. She put up with me through all my melt downs and panic moments and still just keep going with the wedding details. She is so good at keeping me organized and focused. I have learned she doesn't lie well though. (I guess that is a good thing), but I could always tell when she didn't like my ideas. She was always supportive though and helped me find something that we both liked. A lot of people kept telling me "Its your wedding, not your moms," however she didn't pay for most of it so she does get a saty. Plus I want her to like it and be happy with all the plans. 

Tonight was the first night I that I actually got to think about the fact that I am really getting married Saturday! I have been soo busy with errands and crafts that I hadn't really had time to just stop and enjoy! And let me tell you, I am SOOOOO excited to finally be Mrs. Heet. (Even though that does make me feel like his mother). The best advice I have got so far came from my dear friend, Ellen. Tonight she told me to stop once an hour on Saturday and just look around, then keep going. I know that everyone says the wedding day goes by too fast. I really hope I will be able to stop and enjoy it all. I have worked to hard on it not to. Steve and I will be seeing each other for the wedding to take pictures and such. I am so looking forward to spending the day with him and celebrating our wedding day!!

To all my friends and family coming...see you in 40 a pretty white dress! ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Checking off the List

It's only 9 days until the my wedding and I still feel like I have so much to do. For the last year, I have been  able to take my time in planning every last detail of my wedding from my colors, to my vendors, to the flowers that will be in the bathrooms, but now there is no time left...its all rush, rush, rush. Don't get me wrong, I have 95% for the wedding done, but when still have tying ribbons, wrapping gifts, and stuffing welcome bags left to do and don't forget about squeezing in those last couple working days, I feel very busy!

My To-DO List Remains:
  • Meet with Brewster to discuss ceremony details
  • Take programs to be printed
  • Tie ribbons on programs
  • Stuff Welcome Bags
  • Find places for outside pictures
  • Wrap Bridal Party gifts
  • Steam both dresses
  • Get Mani/Pedi
  • Pack for the Honeymoon

I am been trying to relax this week and think about the wonderful things I have to be thankful for. Steve has been so great throughout all of the crazy wedding drama. He has supported my decision making (which is very hard for me to do) and continuously reminds me how excited he is to be my husband. God has truely answered my prayers when it comes to the Steve and the man I want to spend my life with. My mom has also been a huge help in planning my wedding day. She is so good details and make sure we take care of everything. She has tried so hard to make this the wedding day of my dreams. I couldn't have done it all without her. I want to thank all my friends who have listen to me plan for a whole year now. I am sure about 2 months into it, they were ready for it to be here too so I would quit talking about it. lol  esp. my work girls. I am so excited that they will be there to share in the fun!

Next weekend, all my favoite people will be in the same room to celebrate Steve and I's marriage. It will be the best day of our lives and we will have a big party to show for it!!

Trying to be artistic

Thank you again to all the friends and family in the wedding that will make that day so special. Thank you to Brewster, who will be marrying us and making our ceremony something we will always remember.

Thank you Lord, for blessing me with Steve and for making him the strong, Godly man, I need him to be! You are so good to us, I pray our marriage will be a reflection of your love and your desires for us!

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Step Closer...

Steve and I had our final pre-martial counseling class tonight. Our classes were required by our pastor before we get married, which is pretty common. To be honest, we really weren't looking forward to it in the beginning, because we were so busy and felt like it really wasn't going to be worth our time. However, each time we meet, our counselor, got a little less "strict" and really started to engage with Steve and me.

To us, our relationship was pretty strong going into these classes, but now that we are done I can definitely tell that we have become closer and  more in tune to each other. Kirk walked us through everything from making a wish list to finical concerns to scripture regarding what a Godly marriage is really all about. There is a lot we learned and a lot that we just needed to be reminded of. Steve and I feel strong about the next chapter in our lives and can't wait to see what God has planned. We know at times it will be really hard, but on the other hand times will be really good!! Tonight we focused on each other and making sure we are lifting each other up everyday and staying committed to a Godly marriage. 

"Submit to one other out of reverence for Christ." Ephesians 5:21
"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” Ephesians 5:31
I can't believe there is only 19 days left until the big day!! I am so looking forward to sharing our lives together as husband and wife!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Most of you know that I have been on an exercise kick for the wedding. For the last 5 months I have been going to Bootcamp at Crossfit. Kathy is the trainer who teaches the class and she is amazing!! She is so knowledge about fitness and weight loss that she makes you want to keep coming back to her classes. I attended her classes 3 days a week and lost a lot of inches without giving up my favorite foods! (If anyone is looking for a great workout plan, you need to call her!!) However, with the wedding getting closer I don't have time this month to fit bootcamp into my schedule. So I had to look elsewhere and I discovered ZUMBA for the Wii!! I have been to a couple classes before and really enjoyed it. I am not currently a member at any gym right now so being able to do it at home is perfect.

Contrary to regular work out videos, Zumba is fun and you get to dance the whole time, which we all know is my favorite thing to do. Since it is on the Wii if you aren't doing the moves right it stops and teaches you so you can burn the most calories possible. I hate when those skinny workout people just keep going and you have stop and rewind so you can learn whatever crazy exercise they have invented. Needless to say this will be my workout for the next month. I will most definitely be ready for the dance floor after this! Come on April 30th!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Basketball and Spring Cleaning

What a disappointing basketball game. I felt like I was watching the Kentucky team that was playing back in January. Not the team that ended the season on a 6 game winning streak and winning the SEC Championship by beating Florida in the championship game, 70-54. Making the winning streak 10. Not the team that beat Princeton in the first round of the NCAA tournament...not the team that beat West Virginia by 8 (beginning of the revenge.). Not the team that defeated the #1 overall seed, Ohio State, 62-60. And finally, not the team that beat UNC by 7 to reach the Final Four.  Not only did our freshman step up to the plate and started playing as a team and helping each other, but OMG Harrellson and Liggins (where have you been all this time) took the team and lead them with leadership and heart all the way to the Final Four. WHAT HAPPENED KENTUCKY?!?!?  Did you get nervous, did you let it get to your head, did you start thinking you could just throw the basketball and it would automatically fly into the basket....well whatever you were or weren't thinking.....Last night's game was soo disappointing.

Being born and raised in Lexington, KY and attending UK basketball since I was a baby, I can't be mad at UK Basketball. Its not in my BLUE blood! I am proud of the team for what they did and for getting to the Final Four, but man a victory would have been sweet!!

On other note....the sunshine is beaming today and I have the Spring Cleaning Fever. I am sure once I dive into my cleaning it may be a different story, but at the end of the day and smell of fresh lemons will make it all worth it! My new Spring motto..."Reduce clutter, Create Space." With Steve and I wanting to put the house on the market after the wedding. It is way pass time to get this house together.

A while back I bought some Thirty One items from a friend at work and the promotion was an organizing tote for $5. so of course I didn't pass up that buy even though I had no idea what was going to do with one more tote bag. Well the tote has been sitting for several months in the closet with no place or purpose. In thinking about my spring cleaning I have decided to convert it into my handy cleaning tote. Here is an example. Not only is handy, but its also organized and pretty to look at!!

Favorite Cleaning Tips:
1. Always Make the Bed
2. Dirty Clothes Don't Wash Themselves
3. Dust is Not An Accessory
4. Don't Walk Pass Something That Needs to be Put Away
 All-time favorite: The "Magic Eraser" can fix everything!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Nash Days~

Thursdays are dedicated to the little man of my life, my nephew, Nash Bird! Or to him "Big Nash." Since Nash was a baby I have been so lucky to be able to spend at least one day a week with him. That is 2 1/2 years worth of Nash Days!! And I love every minute of it! When Nash was a baby it was a lot of typically baby duties, feeding, rocking, diaper changing. But now that is he is older, we have so much fun together.

We have taken adventures to the park, chick-fil-a playground (bonus for me...good food!), story time at the library, and whatever else I we feel like we should explore. He is such a good boy and even enjoys a shopping trip or two , I mean getting out of the house for a bit ;-).

Backyard Playing

Hiding at Shilito Park

Eating like a big boy at the table

Computer whiz already

Learning at the Library

Best Friends with Lulah (my westie)

Needless to say he is pretty much a big deal in my life. He comes up with the funniest sayings. Its always fun to tell Mommy (my sister) all about our adventures at the end of the day.

As you could guess, Nash is going to be the ring bearer at my wedding next month. We have been practicing walking down the he says "walking to uncle Steve." Today I made him the cutest shirt to wear at the reception. Nash has some stylish dance moves, so everyone better watch out on the dance floor!!