Thursday, May 24, 2012

Canvas On Demand

I have found the best internet company!! I recently received a disc of my wedding pictures from my photograph and I have been waiting to order some large prints for our bedroom. We have quite a large bedroom with a 19' wall that has been empty since we moved into our house. I had the idea to put some of our wedding pictures on canvas for the bedroom. After finding this inspiration, all I had left to do was find a company that would print my pictures on canvas and not charge me an arm and an leg.

A friend mentioned to me, Canvas On Demand, and told me her sister had used them before. So I started researching. There are several different websites that will print your photos on canvas. Some offer editing and some don't. Canvas On Demand had the best recommendations from all the reviews I read. They also have three different levels of editing in case your pictures need a little touch up. Luckily my pictures were already great thanks to my photographer, so I chose not to pay for the extra editing. Needless to say the canvas' turned out PERFECT!!  

It just so happened that the day we returned from our cruise, at the beginning of May, Groupon was featuring Canvas On Demand! I was able to get the largest size they offered (24"x36") on the Groupon for $75!! Such a steal!! On the website that size is $188. I was sooo excited! Another great feature about Canvas On Demand is that you can customize the dimensions of canvas you want. This way I was able to get the two side canvas' in the just the right size. I wanted the height to be the same, but vertical pictures instead of horizontal. After much debate and cardboard cut-outs, I decided on (24" x14") canvas'. The canvas came in LESS than 2 weeks. I was amazed! Especially being a groupon offer, since normally companies get slammed after those are sold.

Tonight I had my husband help me hang them above our bed!

Above our bed

Up Close
 I couldn't be more happy!!

P.S. If you decided to use Canvas On Demand. normally has a promo code.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anniversary Cruise

Steve and I wanted to make our anniversary memorable, (plus I really love to go on vacation) we decided to cruise to the Western Caribbean. Our trip included Labedee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; Grand Caymans; and Cozumel, Mexico. We have cruised one other time before and just loved it! Cruising is so nice, because you don't have to plan entertainment, meals, transportation, or shopping. We cruised on Freedom of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. They had a buffet restaurant, 2 main dining rooms, a pizzeria, coffee shop with pastries and sandwiches, a pub, and a soft serve ice cream stand that was all included in our trip. There were also a couple speciality restaurants and dessert places if you wanted. The boat had several shops including liquor store, general store, swim shop, jewelry store, perfume and makeup store, and a Britto Art store. There was a musical entertainment 4 nights, a magic show, a comedy, and several bars with live music every night. It was virtually impossible to be bored on this ship. There was a night club, a casino, and 4 pools with hot tubs. I really could go on and on about all the stuff to do on a cruise but I will stop here.

Freedom of the Seas
Anniversary Night
On Monday night, celebrated our anniversary with a speciality dinner at the Chops Grill on the ship. The restaurant wasn't crowded and loud like the dining room. It was nice to have some "us" in the middle of 4,000 people on the ship.


At the top of the rock wall on the ship
We picked out two different excursion we wanted to do off the boat. In Grand Cayman we jet skied to Sting Ray City and snorkeled in the prettiest water in the world. Unfortunately, I don't have great pictures from this because we tried to used an underwater camera and the quality was pretty terrible. However, it was unforgettable experience to hold and kiss the sting rays (apparently its good luck to kiss sting rays). I also highly recommend jet skiing in the ocean. If you like water and haven't tried this, you should!

In Cozumel, we drove a Dun Buggy through the jungle. On the way into the jungle, the guide took us through some smooth path, some very rocky paths, and some paths covered in trees. On the way back we got to drive down the beach. It was so peaceful! The beach is rarely used, so it was just Steve and I and the guide. We felt like we were  in a live video game, as were dodging tree limbs, plants, and bugs.
Our Dun Buggy

One of the Paths

Driving down the beach

Huge, beautiful waves
It was so nice to spend the week just enjoy each other. Before we left, we cut our wedding cake topper and used all of our wedding  accessories. It was so sweet, just the two of us, at home, not dressed. I wish all the days could be so easy and relax like the last week has been.